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Aaron Rodgers Has A Broken Thumb Sources Say

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers says he's been playing with a broken thumb since his team lost to the New York Giants in London in Week 5, ESPN reports. According to the Athletic, a Make-A-Wish kid recently met Rodgers and asked how his finger was, to which the quarterback replied that his thumb was broken. "I think I've had worse injuries I've played with," said Rodgers. "It's definitely a challenge, but the days off helped. Feeling better this week." Rodgers didn't confirm or deny the injury during his appearance on the Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday, but he did say it has been a problem since the Giants game. The injury occurred on the final play of the game.

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It’s Thanksgiving day, so it’s time to watch the Dallas Cowboys in their yearly showcase. And this year’s Turkey Day game has higher stakes than this game has had in quite a while.
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However, the offensive personnel on Arizona is woefully underutilized. The bespoke offense he’ll design for Murray should have enough doohickies to keep defenses honest and get the Cardinals playmakers in open space or open downfield.
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That is the only game between teams with winning records on Sunday or Monday. Kansas City is a huge favorite against the Rams, the Eagles take on the Packers on Sunday Night Football and the Steelers and Colts meet on Monday Night Football in a matchup of disappointing teams.
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Jets fans have not had a good week. From the top rope, Leaf just dunks on this fan’s head with no remorse whatsoever.
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Buffalo had to tunnel its way out of feet of snow to play a home game in Detroit, and has been in the Motor City ever since due to a Thanksgiving matchup with the Lions. However, I’d like to point out that he’s hurt and also leading the team in rushing even though he only managed seven yards Sunday.
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