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One of the most significant events of the NBA season is less than two weeks away, and some teams are looking to make moves. The Suns have Mikal Bridges, and he is a similar player to Anunoby, but I dont think they would have a problem moving Cameron Johnson to a sixth-man role and playing Anunoby at power forward.
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With the Feb. 9 trade deadline quickly approaching, all eyes around the NBA continue to be on what the Toronto Raptors will do. It's been a disappointing season so far with the Raptors 23-28 and sitting in the 12th spot in the Eastern Conference.
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"I wasn't thinking I'm going to have to get 60, but I knew that I would have to be engaged and in attack mode and be aggressive," Lillard said afterward. He has been on a solid roll over the past 10 games, averaging 38 points with four outings of 40 or more, including 50 against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Jan. 12 in addition to the 60-point effort.
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“His vision on the floor I could see. As Barnes refines his game and comes into his own as the next face of the franchise, some have compared his impact on the floor to Green's, a notion that resonates with the veteran forward.
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But when I do, everything that's coming to help is a smaller guy. So if I have Fred in the weak side corner and his guy is the guy that's got to be the baseline help with Scottie going to attack the rim, there's nothing he can do about that but foul.
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With that in mind, I came up with a few trade packages for Siakam and presented them to TSN's Carlan Gay, Kyle Irving, Gilbert McGregor and Jordan Greer to get their opinion on whether or not they think both teams would agree to them. If the Raptors do decide to trade Siakam, I think this is the exact type of deal they would be looking for in return.
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He might not be a good free throw shooter, but he does get fouled a lot. And what do the Raptors have in Pascal Siakam and Scottie Barnes-- especially Scottie Barnes over this past month has been getting to the free throw line a ton.
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It’s 22nd in opposing rim field goal percentage (22nd) and 28th in opposing three-point percentage (18th). The Raptors are alarmingly disorganized for a team with eight holdovers from last season’s rotation.
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“And that is what we need to get back to doing. “[Last season’s] identity was, when teams came to Scotiabank [Arena] or when teams came to play us at their arenas they were like, ‘Man, s***, this is gonna be a hard team to play against, it’s gonna be a tough night’,” said Young.
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One package the Lakers could shop around is a lottery-protected first-round pick and Patrick Beverley in exchange for either frontcourt help or additional wing depth, per The Athletic. The Lakers have been a team consistently linked to Bogdanovic, per The Athletic, but the Pistons are asking for an unprotected first-round pick in exchange for the 21-points-a-night forward.
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