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Mike D'Antoni Regrets Not Having Steve Nash Score More
Mike D'Antoni believes the Phoenix Suns would have been even better during his tenure had he not been so determined to have Steve Nash play the role of a traditional point guard. With James Harden and Chris Paul playing more isolation basketball with the Houston Rockets, we are seeing the evolution of D'Antoni's process.
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The Phoenix Suns got what they earned: The top pick in the NBA draft
This will be the last year the draft is held under the current framework, with the team with the worst record having a 25 percent chance of winning the lottery, and the odds going down from there — as well as the top three spots being determined by the drawing of ping-pong balls. One of the legendary figures in the sport, West — now a consultant with the Clippers — was realistic about his situation, accurately pointing out in an interview on ESPN that he’s got an incredibly small chance of doing anything but walking out of Chicago with the 12th and 13th picks in this year’s draft.
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N.B.A. Draft Lottery 2018: Live Updates, Order and Analysis
Nick Gilbert, who has been a good-luck charm for Cleveland in the past, is there, as is the actress Jami Gertz in her role as owner of the Atlanta Hawks, but it is not seeming likely that Sacramento’s De’Aaron Fox or Phoenix’s Josh Jackson is likely to replicate the antics of Embiid, and the executives in attendance like Charlotte’s Mitch Kupchak and Chicago’s Michael Reinsdorf do not seem likely to fill Johnson’s shoes. In an interview broadcast on ESPN before the lottery, Adam Silver acknowledged that teams are feeling heat from fans to tank rather than win if they aren’t a true contender, but he is hoping the league has sufficiently addressed the issue with rule changes that go into effect next year.
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Boston Celtics draft lottery 2018: DeAndre Ayton, Khyri Thomas and breaking down the potential scenarios
The Boston Celtics -- represented by Mike Zarren, who may or may not be wearing a lucky jacket -- have a 2.87-percent chance to sneak into the lottery, with its potential game-changing big men. Ayton's defensive awareness has raised question marks, but every single possible physical and basketball tool is in place for a coach to work with.
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What’s at stake for every team tied to this year’s NBA draft lottery
Atlanta Hawks: General Manager Travis Schlenk committed to a full rebuild when taking over a year ago, and hiring Lloyd Pierce — known for his player development skills — as his head coach last week. That would certainly come in handy for Cleveland, which would love a top three pick to equal either a prime young talent or a trade asset that can be used to lure more veteran help for LeBron James.
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Warriors coach, players credit Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni for modern NBA style of play
OAKLAND, CALIF.—Stephen Curry and Draymond Green admire Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni from afar for how he empowers all his players to be scorers. “In the old days, you had kind of three out, two in, you had your traditional power forward, whether it was Karl Malone or Charles Oakley or somebody like that who was going to maybe shoot a 15-footer, but he was going to be banging down in the paint,” Kerr said.
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Rockets' Mike D'Antoni, king of the 3, draws singular praise
OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Stephen Curry and Draymond Green admire Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni from afar for how he empowers all his players to be scorers. In the summer of 2014, Tara VanDerveer, the women's Hall of Fame coach from Stanford, called on D'Antoni for an assist She needed to revamp her offense from the Cardinal's tried-and-true triangle.
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How many NBA teams have forced a Game 7 after trailing 3-0?
Portland’s aging roster that included Arvydas Sabonis and Scottie Pippen would make one last stand against the Mavericks, winning three in a row to force Game 7 at Dallas. The game was tied late, 75-75, when Bob Davies sank both free throws to put the Royals up for good, as Rochester won the title with a 79-75 victory.
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Don Nelson: Chris Webber Was Toughest Guy I Ever Coached
Nelson was recently asked if he believes that Warriors' team comprising of Webber, Latrell Sprewell, Chris Mullin and Tim Hardaway could have won a title had they stayed together. Nelson went on to coach the Knicks briefly before ending up turning around the Mavericks early in the careers of Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash.
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Rajon Rondo says he hates his playoffs nickname
Revered by his new team for the quality of shots he creates for others as well as his long-standing defensive prowess, Rondo joins Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday in leading the visiting underdogs from New Orleans into Saturday night’s Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals against the mighty Golden State Warriors. On a recruiting trip to Louisville, Kentucky, last July, Gentry and New Orleans general manager Dell Demps got their chance to convince Rondo that he would be granted uncommon freedom to voice his opinion — despite the fact he was only being offered a one-year contract worth $3.3 million.
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