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Bison Throwers Lead Nation in Four Events
In the women's shot put, NDSU's Courtney Pasiowitz , Bailey Retzlaff , Shelby Gunnells and Maggie Schwarzkopf are tops in the NCAA with their average of 52-09.50 (16.09m). NDSU's top four women in the javelin this season ( Alyssa Olin , Kari Wolfe , Kayla Hochhalter and Keyawna Larson ) average a best mark of 165-3 (50.37m) – better than every other school in the country by one foot.
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NDSU Women Rank in NCAA’s Top Three in Every Throwing Event
In the hammer throw, NDSU's top four ( Katelyn Weimerskirch , Maddy Nilles , Amy Herrington and Hannah Frost ) average a mark of 199-4 (60.76m) to rank second in the NCAA. NDSU ranks third in the nation in the javelin with Alyssa Olin , Kayla Hochhalter , Nilles and Laura Grube combining for an average mark of 157-1 (47.88m).
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