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Letters: If greatness is dull, the NBA Finals have become the dullest event around
Phil Mickelson, Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy have horrible first rounds at U.S. Open In an effort to “trick up” Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, the USGA has made the course almost impossible to score on. Reader Bud Chapman must be captaining Noah’s Ark, as he would need a vessel big enough to hold the four million people he’s accusing of jumping ship.
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Could Kawhi Leonard be the bait that helps the Lakers land LeBron James?
When LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers were swept in the NBA Finals, and when seemingly everyone with any insight on his forthcoming free agency made it clear that the prospect of him remaining in his home state was grim, the smart play was to analyze his situation through the Los Angeles Lakers lens. But the Lakers landing Leonard, who grew up outside of Los Angeles in Moreno Valley, Calif., attended San Diego State and has long been known to be intrigued with the idea of playing for his hometown team, is their best chance yet at making their situation all the more appealing.
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Describing every NBA team's 2017-18 season using one word
Injuries — most notably to Stephen Curry, who played just 51 regular-season games — had the Warriors limping into the postseason, and by the time they advanced to the Western Conference finals, they found themselves on the brink of elimination. Not only did the Pelicans stay afloat following DeMarcus Cousins' season-ending Achilles injury, they thrived, winning 21 of their final 34 games behind stellar play from Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday and then sweeping Portland in the first round.
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LeBron James to the Denver Nuggets? Earl Boykins thinks it could happen.
Speculation about where the 33-year-old Cavaliers superstar will go this offseason has ranged from joining the up-and-coming Philadelphia 76ers to the contending Houston Rockets to even the defending champion Golden State Warriors. But on Wednesday’s episode of “The Hastings and Browman Show” on Altitude AM 950, former Nuggets guard Earl Boykins chimed in and said the Mile High City is a viable option.
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Avery Johnson discusses Collin Sexton’s transition to NBA, thinks it will be ‘lights out’
The freshman point guard had a great season last year, leading the Crimson Tide to a victory in the first round of the NCAA Tournament before losing to eventual-champion Villanova. Considering the Clippers lost Chris Paul to the Rockets before last season, there’s a hole to be filled at the point guard position, and Johnson sounds confident his former player is up to the task.
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Anticipating the criticism of LeBron James
Though LeBron's latest free-agent spectacle promises to be a little less dramatic this time - it won't end with jersey burning or a sanctimonious letter, - the process is guaranteed to bring criticism from media and fans who will find something to be mad about. If LeBron goes West, watch for criticism of him putting basketball on the back burner ("might as well start calling him LeHollywood"), going to another team that'll allow him to shape his own roster around him ("how'd that work out for everybody except for Tristan Thompson?")
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Lakers need some Magic to land LeBron James or other stars and be relevant again
Lakers' Lonzo Ball underwent a platelet-rich plasma injection in his left knee Since he dumped Lou Williams moments after his hiring in February of 2017, every move made by Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka has led to this summer’s closing of those deals. As for James, whose lugging of the Cleveland Cavaliers to his ninth NBA Finals this spring should lift his stature to that of the greatest player in basketball history, I heard recently about three Hollywood executives claiming that, without a doubt, he has already agreed to join the Lakers.
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Golden State Warriors’ reign atop the NBA is far from a guarantee
And even as he was drenched in some of the $400,000 worth of champagne he bought for his team to celebrate its latest triumph early Saturday morning, Golden State owner Joe Lacob was loudly dispelling the notion that the Warriors can rest on their laurels. And if the Warriors want to remain ahead of the pack, make it to a fifth straight NBA Finals and win a fourth title in five years — something not done since Bill Russell’s Boston Celtics ruled the league in the 1960s — significant changes will have to be made.
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Offseason Beat: Free Agency Preview: Southwest
Andrew Harrison and Wayne Selden both have affordable $1.5m deals which Memphis will assuredly guarantee, hoping that J.B. Bickerstaff (and assistant Jerry Stackhouse, a former G League coach) can develop the younger guys. He reportedly began recruiting LeBron James to the Rockets days after Houston's season ended, and GM Daryl Morey came away from CP3's exit interview "speaking of Paul's free agent plans as if he had already reached his decision."
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Rotoworld Podcasts: NBA Offseason and Draft Pod
Headlines: NFL | MLB | NBA | NHL | GOLF | NAS | CFB | PL Mike Gallagher and Ryan Knaus start our offseason pods with plenty of draft and free agency talk.
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