3 months, 2 weeks ago from drexeldragons.com
Dragons Defeat JMU to Advance in CAA Championships
JMU cut the deficit to four on a three-pointer by Ramone Snowden with 46 seconds to go, but Drexel made six straight free throws in the final minute to ice the game. Troy Harper added nine points and five rebounds as head coach Zach Spiker picked up his first postseason win at Drexel.
  #5,253 Austin Williams , #80,415 Develle Phillips ,   #16,491 Tramaine Isabell , #114,108 Ramone Snowden , #161,707 Samme Givens , #256,014 Frank Elegar ,   #58,213 Sammy Mojica , #211,470 Tramayne Hawthorne ,   #61,902 Zach Spiker ,   #3,550 Stuckey Mosley ,   #38,776 Darius Banks
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