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The Phoenix Suns got what they earned: The top pick in the NBA draft
This will be the last year the draft is held under the current framework, with the team with the worst record having a 25 percent chance of winning the lottery, and the odds going down from there — as well as the top three spots being determined by the drawing of ping-pong balls. One of the legendary figures in the sport, West — now a consultant with the Clippers — was realistic about his situation, accurately pointing out in an interview on ESPN that he’s got an incredibly small chance of doing anything but walking out of Chicago with the 12th and 13th picks in this year’s draft.
  #67,563 Igor Kokoskov ,   #1,813 Devin Booker ,   #1,503 John Collins ,   #2,928 Steve Nash ,   #1,431 Kevin Garnett ,   #79 Kyrie Irving ,   #559 Donovan Mitchell
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